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HUGE Giveaway - MacBook Air, XBOX 360 & More!

SUNDAY LIVE SHOW LINK - COMPLETE DETAILS HERE! 1. Subscribe to Unbox Therapy ( 2. Subscribe to TLD Today ( 3. Leave a comment below both contest videos 4. Jon's contest video is here - 5. Join the live show this Sunday to find out if you've won! LIVE SHOW DETAILS The live show will happen this Sunday (July 29) at 4PM EST (New York time). For those wondering this is 1PM local time on the west coast of NA & 9PM local time in England. This link must be used for the live show - (bookmark this link now!) In celebration of 100,000 subscribers here on YouTube I've teamed up with Jonathan of TLDToday to give away some awesome prizes. These prizes include a 2012 13-inch MacBook Air (or PC equivalent), an XBOX 360 & a high quality HD Logitech webcam. Good luck to everyone & I'll see you at the livestream - Remember to leave your comment & subscribe! More details on Twitter FOLLOW ME -

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